New Paralel Twin KTM photographed

KTM is working at full throttle lately, including regarding the Husqvarna name. In addition to this images of an all new parallel twin roadster have emerged on the internet. And the engine choice is interesting. Instead of a traditional single cylinder or even a V-Twin, it seems KTM is going for a parallel twin with their new naked motorcycle.


MCN has presented a series of spy shots presenting what it seems to be a fresh new KTM model. No official numbers are available at the moment bu rumors speak about a new 700cc to 800cc parallel twin engine. As this sounds a bit odd, it seems KTM is aiming at the MT-07 public. If rumors are true, both bikes will fit in the same category. But KTM will need to put some serious work on developing something  that could tackle the MT-07’s versatility and popularity. Also Yamaha has a serious advantage in this game. The price.


According to the photographer who captured the new KTM parallel twin roadster, the bike sounds pretty much as a V-Twin. This might be due to the fact that the bike ill feature a 270-degree crank. Sounds familiar?




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