Kawasaki Electric Sport Bike Patented

Kawasaki is developing an electric sport bike. The new bike features an electric power unit and trellis frame.


Kawasaki’s official patent drawings show the green machine’s desire to build an electric sport bike according to More Bikes. The interesting feature of this project is the possibility to change the whole battery with a new one without any tricky loading or unloading from the frame. This is possible thanks to a hinge, element number 82 (52,53) in the drawing, that allows the left hand side of the frame to open up and help the entire motor to exit the motorcycle.


The whole stack of batteries are fitted to a gearbox and conventional chain drive. The project features a stand that carries the battery component elements. As a result, Kawasaki’s electric sport bike can park next to the stand allowing the empty battery to be hinged out and replaced with a new fully charged unit, thus reducing to 0 the time spent for recharging.


Element 91 shows how Kawasaki’s electric sport bike stand supports the front wheel allowing an automatic engine-battery-swap. The motorcycle stands upright and a machine changes the empty battery with a fully charged one. All in all, this could be the fuel-pump for the future.


Photo: More Bikes

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