Chris Pfeiffer is Retiring

The four time world stunt riding champion Chris Pfeiffer is retiring from the sport. After 20 years as a professional rider, Chris decided to stop performing at shows.


The announcement comes from Chris Pfeiffer’s official Facebook page where the german stunt rider wrote a letter to tell his friends, fans and partners that he decided to stop riding at shows. Professional stunt riding requires lots of skill, technique and a great physical condition. Chris excels at the first two as the four buy viagra cialis online uk world stunt riding titles stand proof, but at the age of 45 it’s becoming harder and harder to compete at high level and this is the reason why he decided it is time to put down the helmet.

In his 20 year long career, Chris Pfeiffer ridden thousands of shows all around the world in 94 countries. The last contest in which he performed was back in 2010, but he assures us that he will still ride bikes.




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