Ratrod-O-Rama 2015 – Passion and Rust

Hundreds of custom ,,rust” enthusiasts gathered in Oregon USA for the 8th annual edition of Ratrod-O-Rama. In a world of technology, fuel mappings and safety features, a small core of old school die hard enthusiasts gather year after year to display their latest creations. For them ,,shiny and chrome” is a blasphemy and rust, iron and air are parts of their creed.


Ratrod-O-Rama is not an event dedicated entirely to rat bike displays. In fact quite a big part of the show is made out of cars. Rat Rods to be more precisely. So why are we presenting Rat Rods on a dedicated motorcycle site? Because they are awesome as hell and they go hand in hand with the custom culture.


Beside custom ,,rats” an authentic pin-up atmosphere tends to surround the atmosphere. Also local craftsman like Mason Lehmberg presented their metal creation skills. Among rusty works of art, there was also a 1947 Harley-Davidson Knucklehead in mint condition that quickly gathered passionate riders.


Another authentic bike display was presented under the form of a chopper based on a 1960s Triumph with a flame fuel tank covered in rust and a log fork reminding of the Easy Riders age.

In order to qualify and participate in the contest, Ratrod-O-Rama has some simple but strict rules:

No visible billet aluminum parts.

No modern “saw-blade” style wheels or “wagon wheels”.

No mags of any style designed after the ’60’s.

No modern West Coast Choppers or OCC style bikes.


No trailed cars.  All vehicles must be driven in.  Race cars and unfinished vehicles may be exempted.

We are glad that shows like this continue the heritage of craftsmanship in a world where everything is computer fixed under warranty.



Photos – MotoUsa

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