KTM 690 Duke improved for 2016

A re-tuned engine, a new TFT display and more electronics, These are the sequential changes that KTM implemented on the Duke model for 2016.


The KTM 690 Duke order xanax 2mg will benefit from a new single cylinder engine. Although capacity remains unchanged, the new engine is more efficient developing around 7% more power and around 6% more torque. Also 1000 more RPM will be available for the new Duke. Although no official numbers are available, rumors state that the new engine will develop around 72bhp. This is quite a lot for a single cylinder engine.


The new KTM 690 Duke will feature three riding modes such as Rain, Street and Sport and will benefit from an optional traction control system. Information will be displayed on a new TFT screen. KTM will also release a Duke R model that will feature better brakes , an adjustable suspension and more electronics.


Also rumors state that the KTM 690 Duke R will be available for the same price as the old model. If this is true, prices for the old Duke might drop a bit.

The new KTM 690 Duke will be presented this autumn.

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