Bimota’s Plans for The Future

Bimota plans to find new investors and to keep using Ducati engines.

Bimota has big plans for the near future. According to Cycle World, Pier Luigi Marconi, the new General Manager of Bimota, says the Italian manufacturer intends to seek new investors. In order to develop the company, Marconi tried to establish old relationships with importers and dealers to renew their interest in the Rimini based firm. Furthermore, he cut down all needless expenditures. As a result of these actions, Bimota sold some bikes lying in the showrooms and achieved new orders for its motorcycles.

When the BB3 model (a Bimota version of the BMW S1000RR) was launched a couple of years ago, the motorcycle world thought Bimota will slowly withdraw the Ducati based models from its range. Now, Marconi plans to keep building motorcycles with Ducati engines.“We are focusing on the line of the Ducati 1198-powered models because they are still highly regarded by our dealers and we only need to further improve them in minor details,” said Marconi. “Öhlins suspensions might be a major step in this direction, but I am also pondering the adoption of electronically managed suspension units. The present 160-horse Ducati 1198 unit still is an excellent engine. In combination with our rolling gear and light weight, it delivers great performance and emotions. We are also working on a completely revised Tesi model that will fully prove the potential of the concept while also reviving a symbol of Bimota exclusivity. About the power units, I look forward to meeting the Ducati top management in order to probe the possible access to their mighty Panigale 1299 twin, that would put Bimota in the position of developing the ultimate superbike, believe me.”

Concerning the Bimota BB3, Marconi said “The BB3 was a most unfortunate case of improper management. But the bike is good and I would like to keep it alive. But, as I said, Bimota needs fresh money to proceed in the right direction and consolidate its creative potential.”

All in all, we expect to see Bimota keep building Ducati powered bikes and after finding new investors, we’ll most likely see new projects taking shape.

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