2016 Ducati Monster 1200R Unveiled

Ducati launched the most powerful naked bike in the company’s history, the Monster 1200R. The new model makes 160 HP and has a dry weight of 180 kg.

At the Volkswagen Group Night in Frankfurt, Ducati CEO Claudio Domenicali revealed the new Monster 1200R. The new model is the most powerful Ducati naked bike of all time, says the Italian manufacturer.


Ducati Monster 1200R is powered by a Testastretta 11º Dual Spark V-Twin engine capable of 160HP. Ducati also improved the frame, making the new Monster more nimble through corners. The bike is light having a dry weight of 180 kg. As far as design goes, Ducati made a couple of subtle changes to the front part of the bike and also to the tail in order to create a more aggressive look.


The Monster 1200R has been fitted with adjustable Ohlins suspension front and rear, riding modes (Sport, Touring and Urban), power modes, ABS (3 level setup) and Traction Control (8 level setup). The colour schemes include two choices, Ducati Red and Thrilling Black. You will find the new Ducati Monster 1200R in showrooms starting from 2016.


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