Suzuki Trademarks “Recursion” Name, Turbocharged Middleweight Coming Soon

Suzuki trademarked the “Recursion” name for the US and European market. It is likely to see the turbocharged 600 cc Recursion concept come to life.


The news makes room for speculation that the turbocharged Recursion concept may become a production motorcycle. The concept bike featured an in-line two cylinder 588cc turbocharged engine. Suzuki Recursion concept made a claimed 100 hp when it was first showcased at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show.

Suzuki-Recursion-Turbo-Concept-08It seems to be a trend among Japanese manufacturers to use  turbochargers and superchargers in their buy clomiphene drug motorcycle designs. The aim is obvious, more horsepower from smaller displacement engines.

Suzuki-Recursion-Turbo-Concept-10Kawasaki already made a debut on the turbocharged/supercharged scene with their H2 model and 300+ hp H2R track bike. Now, it is likely to see Suzuki make a step in that direction if the Recursion model will be a production version of the turbocharged concept. Probably we’ll see the production ready Suzuki Recursion at EICMA show in Milan or perhaps the Tokyo Motor Show in two months time.

Suzuki-Recursion-Turbo-Concept-07 Suzuki-Recursion-Turbo-Concept-05

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