Rumors Regarding New Yamaha FZ-1 Fazer

The Yamaha FZ-1 was quite a bike back in the day. Even by today standards, the FZ-1 ticks a lot of boxes. But as the big all-rounder started to get discontinued, rumors started to talk about a fresh reincarnation. Nothing official yet, but things start to look intriguing to say the least.

The interesting news come from Japan where Young Machine motorcycle magazine just released a sketch on its front cover. With the published image we can see clearly the new Yamaha YZF-R1 influence, at least on the front end. As expected, handlebars are more upright for a natural riding position. Also a taller windscreen can be observed.

The Yamaha FZ-1 offered sport bike performance with decent comfort. The R1 engine was re-tuned for more mid-range power making the FZ-1 more useful in day to day use. And as the new R1 made quite an entrance, it would be pretty natural for the FZ-1 model to get a fresh start once again. Fingers crossed!


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