Decades Old Suzuki GSX-R750 To Be Restored live

The GSX-R is one of the best known names in the world when it comes to sport bikes. Marking a total of 30 years of production, Suzuki aims to highlight its Vintage Parts Programme by restoring a GSX-R 750 during the Motorcycle Live show in Birmingham. 


Tim Davies, the After-sales Marketing Coordinator for parts from Suzuki stated: “I really don’t think there’s a bigger icon in motorcycling than the original GSX-R750. It’s responsible for 30 years of sportsbikes as we know them today and also the popularity of the GSX-R brand. With plenty of celebrations planned around the anniversary at Motorcycle Live, we’re really looking forward to the project and hope that everyone that comes to the show is just as excited as we are to see it come together.”


Also at Motorcycle Live, Suzuki will offer three spaces where GSX-R Owners will have the chance to display their bikes motorcycles. The event will run from November 28 to December 6 in Birmingham, United Kingdom.


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