This is X, New Ducati Teaser Video

Ducati released a teaser video of what may be a new model out of the total nine the Borgo Panigale factory is ready to unveil on November 16th.

Ducati lets us wonder what the new bike might be. All we get from the 40 second teaser video are a couple of images referring to the letter X and a statement at the end that says “This is X!”  The video promises ‘low-speed excitement’ and perhaps this is Ducati’s way of saying that they will reveal a maxi scooter as it is highly anticipated for some time.

We know that the new nine Ducati models include the 959 Panigale, Hypermotard 939, Hypermotard 939 SP, Hyperstrada 939, the Monster 1200R and the Diavel Carbon.

At this point, we have no official information of what Ducati’s ‘This is X’ teaser video is actually referring to, but we’ll let you decide.

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