Yamaha Presents The DT-07 Flat Tracker Concept

Yamaha USA has unveiled the DT-07 Flat Tracker concept. It’s not the first time the MT-07 platform is exploited to create other versions. Yamaha announced a few months back the XRS-700. Also the MT-07 Tracer was rumored earlier this year.

This time Yamaha tweaked the MT-07 to create a genuine American Flat Tracker. The DT-07 features the already seen Speedblock anniversary paint scheme and by the looks of it is not really going to be a road legal machine. Headlight, mirrors and signals are completely missing.


Power-plant is the same 689cc shared by the MT-07 but slightly re-tuned and now sits in a custom built frame that accommodates the pivot and link swing-arm. Handlebars are made by Vortex while seat is provided by Saddlemen. As a back suspension DT-07 uses an Ohlins TTX36 shock while front end shares the Durelle signature.All this proves how versatile the MT-07 platform really is.


Most likely the Yamaha DT-07 Flat Tracker will never hit production but there are chances that we might see it in future American Grand National competitions according to rumors.

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