Yamaha Reveals PES2 and PED2 Electric Bike Concepts

Yamaha’s PES2 and PED2 electric concept bikes have been revealed ahead of this month’s Tokyo Motor Show.


Yamaha improved its previous concepts, the PES1 and PED1. Introducing the Yamaha PES2 and Yamaha PED2 electric concept bikes, the Iwata based company brings closer to production its two projects. The deadline was set for early 2016. It seems like the firm will not meet that deadline, but it has two new electric concept bikes to show at this month’s Tokyo Motor Show.

The Yamaha PES2 and Yamaha PED2 are pretty similar to the original platforms, the PES1 and PED1, but the Japanese engineers fitted new engines and frames. The styling was updated as well.

Yamaha PES2

The street oriented Yamaha PES2 buy klonopin drug received two-wheel-drive and a single-sided fork. This electric motorcycle from Yamaha has a very interesting feature. The electric engine is mounted into the hub of the front wheel thus creating a two-wheel-drive electric machine. The PES2 weighs just under 100 kg.

Yamaha PED2

The Yamaha PED2 is build for mountain adventures and offroad trails. It has a weight under 130 kg and engine performance similar to Class II (50–125cc) mopeds and motorcycles according to Yamaha.

Both models have Lithium-ion detachable batteries. The Yamaha PES2 and Yamaha PED2 electric concept bikes will be officially unveiled this month at the Tokyo Motor Show.

Yamaha PES2
Yamaha PED2
Yamaha PED2

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