2016 Honda CB500X and 2016 Honda NC750X Received Updates

Honda brings modest upgrades for the 2016 CB500X and 2016 NC750X.


Both bikes will make their debut an the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show later this month. 2016 Honda CB500X received LED lights for front and rear as well as a 10 cm taller windscreen to improve comfort. Honda made some changes to the suspension and now the fork has preload adjusters. Other features include a span-adjustable brake lever and an improved gearshift system similar to the one fitted on the new CBR500R.

2016 CB500X Teaser 2
2016 Honda CB500X

Honda will offer for Japan a smaller displacement bike in the shape of the CB400X, but for the rest of the world the motorcycle will come with a 500cc engine.

2016 CB500X Teaser 1
2016 Honda CB500X

The 2016 Honda NC750X like its smaller brother, the 2016 CB500X, features LED lights for front and rear. For this model, Honda mounted a 70mm taller screen and a new lightweight silencer. Luggage space has been increased from 21 litres to 22 litres.

2016 Honda NC700X
2016 Honda NC750X

Honda upgraded the transmission for the 2016 NC750X. Now, the DCT transmission has three ‘S-Mode’ levels. The bike features revised suspension with ‘dual-bending valves’ in the forks for the European and Japanese markets. The rear shock received preload adjustment.

More details will come when the 2016 Honda CB500X and 2016 Honda NC750X will be unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show.

2016 NC700X Teaser 2
2016 Honda NC750X
2016 NC700X Teaser 1
2016 Honda NC750X
2016 Honda CB500X

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