2016 Kawasaki Z125 and Z125 Pro Official Pictures and VIDEO

Kawasaki revealed official pictures and an official promo video of the 2016 Z125 and 2016 Z125 Pro.


Team Green’s mini fun bike breaks cover. Official photos of the new bikes, the 2016 Z125 and 2016 Z125 Pro, are now available.


The 2016 Kawasaki Z125 and 2016 Kawasaki Z125 Pro (this model has higher-spec suspension) are fitted with a 125 cc air-cooled single cylinder engine making around 10 hp. The fuel tank can hold 7.8 liters of fuel making the motorcycle weight 101 kg.


The bikes were fitted with upside-down fork and rear monoshock. Brakes buy clomid online safely include single 200 mm disc for front and single 184 mm disc for rear. The dashboard has a digital screen and an analog tachometer, while the rear lights feature LED technology.


The 2016 Kawasaki Z 125 / Z 125 Pro come in three colors namely Lime Green, Orange and Grey. Unfortunately, at this point, the motorcycles are available only for Japan and the Asian markets. The promo video has a rescue story as a subject but is better to see than tell.


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