Yamaha MWT-9 Leaning Trike Concept Unveiled

Yamaha MWT-9 leaning trike concept made its debut today at the Tokyo Motor Show.


Yamaha MWT-9 is a three wheel concept machine powered by the 847cc in-line three cylinder engine found on the MT-09 model. This time, the Iwata factory lists it as a 849cc three-cylinder engine. The concept has some similarities with the  Tricity scooter, but the Japanese engineers tweaked the front-end in order to fit the upside-down forks on the outside of the wheels for more stability and rigidity through turns.


This seems to be the main idea of the concept, to offer full-on cornering speed and grip. Yamaha says it is looking to explore a new category with this concept. He have to wait and see if the MWT-9 will come in a production version. Until then, we leave you with this video.

MWT-9-crop 2015TMS_LMW_MWT-9_Concept_004 2015TMS_LMW_MWT-9_Concept_002

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