Yamaha: all units R1 may be recalled to service

Yamaha R1 R1M 2015

Around 3,500 units Yamaha R1M and R1 will be recalled to service sites in America because of gearbox problems. Another 146 units sold in the UK are recalled for “fire risk”.

Initially it was just speculation, but this time it’s official. Yamaha America has prepared a letter to be sent to holders of R1 and R1M, showing that all units sold in 2015 will be recalled to service.

The problem is the gearbox that can spoil in case of very intense use or incorrect gear changes. The problem comes from box components that do not have sufficient strength. If a component fails, it can block buy diflucan with no prescription transmission, and this can lead to an accident. The repair takes 16 hours to each unit and owners are advised not to use the bike until recall.

Yamaha R1 2015

Recall in the UK, but for other reasons

A batch of 146 Yamaha R1 and R1M units will be recalled to service in the UK after British authorities decided that.. they could catch fire. The press release VOSA (governmental authority in the UK) shows that because of lining the issue at where oil pipe reaches the engine oil can leak onto the exhaust and in “extreme circumstances”, it can catch fire, writes visordown.

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