BMW Motorrad studies new carbon fiber frame designs

According to the publication Motorcycle News, BMW Motorrad could benefit from the experience of sub Series i. These means it will use the same lightweight material used by the Group BMW to make the racks of these electric vehicles like the BMW i8 hybrid sports.

This experience will enable BMW to produce this usually expensive material more cheaply, so it can be used it in other vehicles also, and same is the the case of motorcycles .


Currently, the lightest and technologically advanced racks are made with of high resistance aluminum, which could become obsolete with the use of carbon fiber, as these would lower the weight compared to aluminum up to 40 percent. And the best part, it is even stronger than metal.

BMW Motorrad has patented two different types of frames with this material, considering possible models for different segments. On the one hand, for the most expensive and sports superbikes it will develop a frame formed by square tubes made of carbon fiber, supported by elements either metal or other carbon components creating the frame rails, which are then lined by more sheets of carbon fiber.

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