Yamaha launched the all-new X-Max 300

X-Max 300 is the latest among Yamaha Sport scooter, which gives a nod to the more powerful T-Max model.

The engine complies with the Euro 4 standard, it is a single cylinder 300 cc, 4-stroke, 4-valve, that produces excellent performance, even with reduced consumption and emissions. The motor of the X-Max 300 is realized with the recent Yamaha Blue Core technology, which comes with improved functionality as liquid for cooling, the latest generation of electronic injection, new type of combustion chamber and the intake duct. A series of innovations that enable a quick and efficient combustion, offering more torque at low and medium revs. Indeed, the good acceleration and excellent drive are guaranteed by an injection that exploits the 3D mapping in real time and with extreme precision controls the volume of fuel and the timing valve.

Yamaha X Max 300

From the design point of view, it is very accurate from dynamics, with clean lines and prone to high codon, in addition to the frame of motorcycle which comes with a double fork plate. Even aesthetics refers to the T-Max, especially the dual light LED in front and center in the innovative projector, giving the scooter X-Max 300 a gritty look.

Other features to be noted: Group LED rear lights, 15-inch front wheel counterbalanced by the 14-inch rear. The technological equipment includes an elegant speedometer and analog tachometer, both located within shells that resemble those of sports cars. And then a really great saddle, under which there is a room that can accommodate two full-face helmets and 12-volt socket. We report the ignition system without key “Smart Key” and the control system of the series of traction. The new Yamaha X-Max 300 scooter will be marketed in Italy starting from the month of April 2017.

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