The Mono Racr is the race concept motorbike of the future

From California it comes a new motorcycle prototype with fluid lines and ultra sophisticated chassis and ensured by its creators, will not be just another unrealized motorcycle.

The Mono Racr is the spin-off dedicated to the two wheels, designed by a product design studio based in San Francisco, named Huge Design. The idea comes back to 2004, when one of Huge Design components, Bill Webb, decided to put his hands to his Kawasaki ZX7 from 1995 and give it a new life. From that bike was born the Cafe Fighter, a cafe racer with some success in the network and among the friends of Bill, that pushed him to follow up on its ambitions as motorcycle designer with another project, this time on the basis CBR 1000. The CBR STOC, this is its name, and was well made keeping in mind the purpose of building a bike that does not gather performance and dynamic characteristics of the model from which it was derived, while gaining a futuristic style and the more “urban flavor”.

Mono Racr

The Mono Racr is the last work from Huge Moto. In their view, the Mono Racr concept that lies behind this project involves a kind of return to the origins, in the sports motorcycle sector, in terms of design.

In fact, everything about Mono Racr revolved around the performance, lately it would have lost a bit of functionality to focus almost exclusively on the impact of their aesthetic solutions. A kind of war arms that gave shape to motorcycle packed with features and profiling perfectly useless.

The Mono Racr is so much characterized by flowing lines and well connected to each other. Its surfaces are minimal and at the same time protective, as well as free of cuts or slits. Even the chassis provides a completely original solution. The Huge Moto engineers have designed a chassis in carbon on which goes to a swing arm of the same material. Although, in present, the Mono Racr was not even out of the garage, the Huge Moto guarantee their maximum effort because this not be “just another bullshit concept bike”.

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