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“Motorbike. Not just a machine.. not just a word, a vehicle or a thing that gives you the best sensations you ever had. A motorbike is more than that, if you are a biker, you feel our words. Even if it’s hard to describe that feeling in words, we will try to do it. We will give you the latest and most important news, ride tests, and feature articles in a motorcycle exclusive place – Motorbike Only.

Every single member of this team is both an experienced journalist and a proper rider. We worked in all kind of media areas, from TV and Radio stations to newspaper industry, and finally we found that we have a common goal: to set up a motorcycle news website. – MotorBikeOnly.com”


Cristian Predoi – Editor in chief

First it was just journalism: Radio shows, news, glossy magazines – all sort of journalism. Then it came the first motorcycle: a Honda Hornet. It was the missing piece of the puzzle, but I realized it only after some time. Then, with the experience gathered in different newsrooms and with a lot of passion, I started the most passionate adventure: MotorbikeOnly.com.

Emil Petrescu – Editor and Webmaster
We are not talking about motorbikes, we are talking about the passion for ridding on two wheels.. A good website should be like a proper motorcycle: sexy, powerful and reliable.

Mihnea Ratte – Foto & Test Ride Editor
After some years spent as an editor in chief for two printed press publications I realized that life’s too short and I should do only the things I like to do. And making photos and riding motorcycle is one of them.

Andrei Catalin Sanatescu – Adventure Writer and Test Ride Editor
I’m just like you: if I had a great reserve of petrol in my backyard and a motorcycle I would have been the happiest man in the world. Meanwhile, I got the motorcycle, but I’m still looking for the petrol.

Bogdan Petrișor – Editor
Adventure, cruiser, street bike, you name it. Just give me a motorcycle and a tank of gas and I’ll be happy. I own every one of them. Now I’m on adventure, but who knows? It’s never too late to get back on a sport bike. Or on a supermoto. Or on a streetfighter…

Leondard Dancau – Sports Editor
For me it’s all about racing. MotoGP, Dakar, World Superbike, Isle of Man. No matter the race, I watch it at high intensity as if I would be on the racetrack and not a spectator. Perhaps, I got the wrong career.


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