Kawasaki Vulcan S 2015. ER-6ish „funky“ cruiser. First official photos

Kawasaki Vulcan S 2015 will be  unveiled at EICMA 2015. Meanwhile, Kawasaki released the technical details and the first official photos. The new Vulcan has the well-known 649 cc parallel twin engine instead of a V-Twin and borrows some important features from Kawasaki ER-6N. It looks like Kawasaki Vulcan S 2015 represents a new approach […]

2015 Kawasaki Versys 1000 best spy photo

The all-new Kawasaki Versys 1000 was spotted in Romania, during the official photo-shooting. We can clearly see that the new Versys will have a completely redesigned shape, but we know nothing about the technical specifications. Here’s the new Kawasaki Versys 1000. The picture was taken in July, on Transalpina, a famous high-altitude road in Romania […]

Skully AR-1 enters production. It will cost 1.500$

Skully AR-1 it’s probably the most intelligent motorcycle helmet in the world. But the price is as high as the IQ. It is the most interesting intelligent motorcycle helmet in the world. Skully AR-1 has got rearview camera, an integrated navigation system, voice control, and, of course, a heads-up display. Skully AR-1 could be easily […]

X132 Hellcat Speedster by Confederate. Straight from the hell

It is not a nice bike. It’s an outrageously beautiful one. X132 Hellcat Speedster is the most recent Confederate creation. Hellcat Speedster shares the same 2,163 cc (132 cubic inches) V-Twin as the old X132 Hellcat, which is capable of 121 bhp and 140 Foot Pounds of torque. The Speedster is hand-built in Alabama, USA, […]