The Walking Dead Survival Motorcycle

Everyone watching The Walking Dead TV series has noticed in the last episodes a new motorcycle that Norman Reedus rides during the show. Actually, what we are seeing in the show is a pair of two identical bikes built by the guys from Classified. The bikes were created to look like they were built from […]

Adventure riding preparation: tips and tricks

Long distance motorcycle traveling has exploded in the last 15 years and more and more manufacturers are coming up with large touring machines that can travel from continent to continent without to much effort. But packing for a few weeks or months can be challenging when so many things are needed for a perfect trip. […]

The History and culture of the Motorcycle Club

Although associated with the ultimate form of rebellion within the motorcycle world, clubs are much more than drinking in bars and riding in to the sunset. An entire culture has been developed around the world based on the back patch. The early days The oldest club in the world that is known of started their […]

New vs Old – What’s your option?

In recent years, many motorcycle manufacturers have tried to bring character back in to bike development. This feature is something that has been lost somewhere in the late 90s. As the consumer age began, there was an increase of function over form and some motorcycles have lost that ,, je ne se quoi’’ that made […]

BMW s1000rr features in Mission Impossible 5

The new Mission Impossible 5 movie will benefit from the presence of the BMW S1000RR. As product placement is something  very common these days, we can enjoy the BMW S1000RR in some action shots from the new movie. Tom Cruise is no stranger from bikes, as he appeared many times behind the bars of several […]

The History and culture of the chopper

 The chopper, perhaps the most iconic style of motorcycle in the world has its roots way back in the in the late 40s. Back then, US service men returning home from the war found the need of the camaraderie that kept them together when fighting in the front lines. Many of them chose to ride […]

The history and culture of the Café Racers

Back in the 60s while in the United States more and more bickers adopted the Easy Riders approach of customizing their two wheeled machines, in Europe was blowing also a wind of change but with a slightly different appeal. By the late 60s, slowly the Café Racer started to emerge. There are many stories about […]