Honda True Adventure – Where does it fit?

With the first prototype revealed at EICMA 2014, Honda tries to enter once more in the adventure class. There were hundreds of rumors in the past several years about a new adventure motorcycle from Honda, one whom will benefit from the heritage of the highly popular Africa Twin. After all the speculations, Honda finally brought […]

Getting your bike ready for the new season – Tips and Tricks

With spring around the corner, many people pull out their bikes that have been stored for winter. If you don’t live in climate where you don’t need to mind the snow and salt on the road, you may want to set up you motorcycle for the approaching season. Taking care of your motorcycle means the […]

World’s best motorcycle rallies

They’re big and they’re famous. Motorbike rallies are around since the first bicycle got its first engine and nowadays, people around the world that share the same passion regularly meet for a good dose of ,,anarchy’’. If you are in to partying, this is a small checklist you may want to throw an eye on. […]

Triumph to release the Tiger Explorer XC Special Edition in April

The Triumph Tiger Explorer XC Special Edition is about to hit the roads in just over one month and will be produced only in  very small numbers. Up to 50 motorbikes to be more precise. It looks like this special edition of the well-known and appreciated big trail bike from Triumph will be available under […]

Best motorcycles for short riders

When choosing a motorcycle, the size really matters. Especially if you are not very tall or if you’re a beginner, a girl, or a beginner girl. Mainly at the traffic light stops. A motorcycle’s seat height is the distance between the lowest part of the saddle to the ground. It’s specified in mm/ft. ant it […]

Most Wanted Concept Bikes of 2014

Here’s the Motorbike Only list of most wanted concept motorcycles presented this autumn. Some of them we expected long time to show off, but other really surprised us. The most important thing is that, as we know, all of them will be soon available in production versions. Yamaha GEN01 Yamaha GEN01 was unveiled at Intermot […]

Sidecar ice adventure. Through Mongolia and Siberia on an 75 years old motorcycle

Eric Dumas has just arrived form a 23.000 km adventure from France to Mongolia and backwards. Nothing too unusual, you would say. But what about doing it on a 1939 BMW R 12 in the winter? With tent accommodation. Eric Dumas left France on 25th of January with his sidecar BMW. Next to him was […]