Nand Logic smart helmet – an intelligent helmet you can afford

Nand Logic seems to be smarter and way cheaper than other smart helmets on the market. It can do anything you want and costs less than 500$. Nand Logic motorcycle helmet was presented at CES Las Vegas and looks smarter than Skully AR-1, which is considered to be the most successful smart motorcycle helmet. Nand […]

Alpinestars Tech Air crash test. Video

Alpinestars shows us a crash test of its Tech Air jacket. Convincing enough? The speed of the motorcycle in the crash test was 48 km/h. The speed of crash detection: 59 miliseconds. The airbag inflation speed: 25 miliseconds, according to According to Alpinestars, Tech Air is the first independent airbag jacket. It doesn’t need […]

Skully AR-1 enters production. It will cost 1.500$

Skully AR-1 it’s probably the most intelligent motorcycle helmet in the world. But the price is as high as the IQ. It is the most interesting intelligent motorcycle helmet in the world. Skully AR-1 has got rearview camera, an integrated navigation system, voice control, and, of course, a heads-up display. Skully AR-1 could be easily […]