Yamaha XV950 Racer sees daylight

The new XV950 Racer has just been presented by Yamaha. The newly revealed bike is a sport version of the already sporty Bolt. It share the same chassis and the same V-Twin engine. The new Yard Built custom motorcycle is inspired from Marcus Walz’s El Raton Asesino and combines classic sport lines with Cafe Racer […]

Ignite Straight Six – Bavarian Rōnins

Two custom made BMW K1600 GTL were presented at the Osaka Motor show by BMW Motorrad Japan and they sure were in the attention of the press worldwide. The Ignite Six Project was born from the hands of Kenji Nagai from Ken’s Factory and Keiji Kawakita from Hot Dock Custom Cycles. Japan has a huge […]

Moto Guzzi raising the bar on vintage bikes

As vintage custom bikes are more and more present in the motorcycle scene, Moto Guzzi decided to push the barrier higher and therefore the Italian manufacturer is bringing a new level of customization with the new Moto Guzzi Garage. As the demand for custom and unique machines is getting higher and higher, Moto Guzzi Garage […]

The history and culture of the Café Racers

Back in the 60s while in the United States more and more bickers adopted the Easy Riders approach of customizing their two wheeled machines, in Europe was blowing also a wind of change but with a slightly different appeal. By the late 60s, slowly the Café Racer started to emerge. There are many stories about […]

Yamaha VMax Infrared Custom. Dragster & cafe-racer mix

Yamaha VMax has been recently revised by a German custom motorcycle builder. The result is a combination between a café-racer and a dragster motorcycle and its name is VMax Infrared. Yamaha VMax Infrared, the last Yard Built series creation, was made to celebrate 30 years since the first VMax was revealed. Also, it pays a […]