VIDEO: Biker robbed by two armed bandits in Guatemala

A Canadian biker and his girlfriend were robbed by two armed bandits in Guatemala. Video camera mounted on the helmet surprised the whole scene. Dan Landsborough, a canadian biker riding a Kawasaki KLR650, found himself surrounded by two bandits armed with guns and machetes, while riding his bike alongside his girlfriend on a dirt track […]

Johammer J1 – The strangest electric motorcycle in the world

Johammer J1 is the first serial electric motorcycle with reach beyond 200 km and it is designed, developed and produced in Austria. The engine is mounted on the back wheel and the aluminum frame hosts the battery. The suspension is located under the fairing and the direction is a hub-center steering type. The system is […]

Kawasaki KLX150L 2014. An off road upgrade for KLX150

Kawasaki launched a new dual purpose motorcycle. It is based on the KLX150, but is more enduro-oriented. Kawasaki presents the motorcycle as a dual purpose/all rounder but just a look at it reveals a proper dirt bike. Is got bigger wheels that its sibling (21 – front, 18 – rear) which increase the ground clearance […]

From London to Rio – 24.000 km on a scooter with sidecar

A fan of the British National Football team will go to the World Cup in Brazil, riding a Vespa with sidecar. Chris Hallet, 44 years old, wants to go through the United States, Mexico, Honduras, Costa Rica, Colombia, Ecuador, Chile, Argentina and Uruguay, before getting to Rio de Janeiro. The man gave up his IT […]

VIDEO Marquez, showing off on a 125 scooter

Can you imagine the MotoGP star Marc Marquez riding a 125 cc scooter on the circuit? Well… you should. At least in the latest Honda commercial. Yes, it’s a TV commercial for Honda Blade 125 FI. Blade, not Fireblade, as the CBR. The commercial was created for Indonesia, a huge market for the small displacement […]