Yamaha restarts shipping of the TMAX in the United States

Yamaha has announced that the TMAX will be available again in the Unites States after a pause of more than six year. This is good news for Yamaha as this big class scout is more used to the tightly roads from Paris and Lisbon than the large highways and roads from the States. But big […]

Vespa 946 Bellissima. Style, heritage and… a lot of money

Vespa 946 Bellissima is the most recent piece of art made by Vespa. And just like any other piece of art, Bellissima is very expensive. But let’s begin with the beautiful things. Beyond the PR stories about style, individuality, craftsmanship and heritage… Bellissima is a true beauty. The classic shape of the handlebar, the look […]

VIDEO Marquez, showing off on a 125 scooter

Can you imagine the MotoGP star Marc Marquez riding a 125 cc scooter on the circuit? Well… you should. At least in the latest Honda commercial. Yes, it’s a TV commercial for Honda Blade 125 FI. Blade, not Fireblade, as the CBR. The commercial was created for Indonesia, a huge market for the small displacement […]