Yamaha R1M Meter Simulator. Enjoy the menu

Yamaha launched an online simulator which allows you to explore R1M menu and adjust the electronics. It is just one of the lately PR activities made by Yamaha to outline the electronics on the R1 and R1M. So, through this Meter Simulator you can change riding modes, and make some adjustments… in fact, the only […]

Yamaha R1 2015 & R1M 2015. First look & Photogallery

Yamaha R1 2015 was unveiled at EICMA – Milan Show. The new superbike is completely different from the old one. The inline four engine makes 200 hp and the motorcycle has a 199 kg weight. Moreover, Yamaha presented a special edition called R1M. The new models were unveiled on Monday in Milan. The new Yamaha […]